Our Story

About FuegoMundo®

FuegoMundo® was conceived with a desire to provide delicious, healthy & authentic South American cuisine, in a warm & friendly, upbeat world-class environment. An ideal place for meat-lovers, chicken-lovers, fish-lovers, Vegans, families & business associates. It’s the 1st restaurant of its kind in the USA, encompassing a multi-sensory Latin experience with uniquely positioned Colombia born Chef Masha at the helm, providing many cuisines, Tapas, homemade sangrias, beers, wines, desserts, coffees, music, art & culture from the countries of South America, Central America, the Caribbean & Spain.

Entrées are made-to-order in front of your eyes & grilled to perfection with house marinades on an exhibition Wood-Fire Grill that’s fueled exclusively with 100% untreated Georgia oak wood. To care for vegetarians & consumers with food sensitivities, all Fish & Vegan proteins are grilled separately from the Beef & Poultry, and separate fryers are used exclusively for gluten-free & vegan foods. All Wood-Grilled Entrées & Sides are naturally Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Hormone-Free & Certified Kosher (all Sides are Vegan), with many Organic, Grass Fed Beef, Wild-Caught Fish, Low-Fat, Low-Sodium & Kid-Friendly options. “It’s Atlanta’s best kept secret, an ideal place for meat-lovers & vegetarians, per Star94 FM.” We hope to see you real soon!

Our South American Cuisine

South-America-Map-web-thumb2FuegoMundo® serves healthy & authentic cuisines from the countries of South America, Central America, The Caribbean & Spain (see Map), and believes that we should be good to ourselves, our neighbors & our Mother Nature.  Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest is one of earth’s most valuable ecological treasures, and borders with 9 South American countries? The forest spans more than 2.6 million square miles – an area about two-thirds of the size of the United States. The abundance & biodiversity of wildlife in the Amazon is staggering; nearly 50 percent of the world’s animal species are thought to inhabit the rainforests. The Amazon’s idyllic temperature & moist climate allow all manner of life to thrive. Over 40 percent of the world’s oxygen is produced from the rainforests; in essence the rainforests are the lungs of our planet. One third of all the birds of the world live in the Amazon, about 1300 species. Unfortunately, the destruction of habitat, diminished food sources, hunting & deforestation have placed many Amazon mammals on the endangered list, including the pink river dolphin, the jaguar, the giant otter & the spider monkey. You can help save the Rainforest by avoiding palm oil, eating naturally, planting trees, conserving fossil fuels, recycling & becoming a Rainforest Friend.

Where it all started…

It all started on a trip to Central and South America in 2008, while on a tour of the Panama Canal & Rainforests of Panama, and that’s where it happened:  the vision for FuegoMundo® was born! Sometimes, you just never know when these things will strike…

We had a dining experience that we won’t ever forget. We tasted grilled foods unlike any other, a South American taste explosion!  Natural and flavorful grilled foods without being spicy.  The value was outstanding, the ordering was easy, the foods were healthy and delicious, and the customer experience was fast, warm, friendly.  These were amongst the few things we wanted others to enjoy – to benefit from – to celebrate life with.

We discovered the secret recipe that day – the secret FuegoMundo® marinade that was enough to fuel our new vision.  And the look on your face when you first taste your wood-fire grilled entrée with flavorful Latin spices and sides, served on sizzling hot plates, and made-to-order in front of your eyes, with homemade plantain chips & yucca fries, and brought to your table within 10-15 minutes?  That will be the reason we will come to work each day!”

We are building a new home at the newly redeveloped The Prado Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia where you will get one-of-a-kind flavors – hearty portions of meat, chicken, fish, lamb, Kobe steaks, tofu, and grilled veggies – made-to-order on an exhibition wood-fire grill – a healthy meal for you and your family.  The kids (& adults) will love to watch the fire as the food is grilled in front of their eyes, and many kids even love the Cuban (and vegan) homemade black beans, and yucca fries.

If you want quality food with a Latin Twist that is abundant, unique, tasty, affordable, healthy (& certified Kosher), all in a casual world-class environment, then this is the place for you!

FuegoMundo is a place to come and enjoy the flavors, spices, culture, and wines of South America, and to simply enjoy good times.  Great for meat-lovers, vegetarians, vegans, people with gluten and dairy sensitivities, wine lovers, and art lovers too!  An ideal place for business lunches, or to celebrate a special occasion.  Fast casual service is offered for lunch and full-service at Dinner.


We can’t wait for you to become a part of the FuegoMundo® Family and give you a Healthy Taste of South America.

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Hasta Pronto!

p.s….go green & save the Amazon Rainforest!