Kosher KOBE Steaks now available at FuegoMundo!

FuegoMundo, the world’s 1st authentic South American Restaurant, that’s also Healthy & Certified Kosher located at the Prado Center in Atlanta, Georgia…now offers KOBE STEAK as one of its wood-fire grilled menu selections!

Kobe beef is recognized as one of the best internationally & uses the Japanese BMS scoring system. Perfect marbling & tenderness, for a culinary experience you will not forget!  FuegoMundo grills its steaks, skewers, chicken, fish & vegan entrees using a wood-fire grill fueled exclusively with Georgia Natural Oak Wood.  The Kobe steak is grilled up Argentinean Style w/ FuegoMundo’s chimichurri sauce & house marinades.  Hormone-free, antibiotic-free & Kosher…enjoy a Healthy Steak!